…At The Grindstones

{April 25, 2010}   It’s like having toothache all over my body..


It took me back to a clip from The Muppet Show on the Alice Cooper episode, where you find yourself in a cave with “teeth” each complaining about toothache, which then zooms into their teeth complaining that their teeth hurt (or maybe it was the other way around).. so of course I spent the second half of brunch silently and then not so silently saying:

“I’ve never known a toothache this bad before…
It’s like having toothache all over my body ..
And another thing…
I keep hearing voices…
And what’s worse…
The echo is often incorrect..
And sometimes.. it says what I’m going to say before I’ve said it…
Yep well..
None of this is helping my toothache…”

It was such a fun sketch.. you can check part of it out here  (skip to 8:20)

Funny how this is is the last thing I thought of the last time I actually had a terrible toothache.. one like I had never known before… and another thing…



Neel says:

I remember that episode, from when it originally aired, actually. I remember Alice doing “School’s Out”.

Memory is a funny thing. Sometimes I wonder how much is remembered, and how much is remembered remembering…

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