…At The Grindstones

{April 26, 2010}   What are you Waiting For?

“In this life, although we are not

endowed with knowledge,

Wealth and distinction, success and fame,

are not won by exhertion.

It is vain to take riches and silk

as one’s foundation;

How can human effort hope to contend

with the decree of fate?

The customs of age, heat and cold,

vainly beguile the eye;

Worldly cares, separation and reunion,

are better quite forgotten.

The superior man proceeds or halts

as he is used or discarded,

If you do not unknit your brow and laugh,

what are you waiting for?”

-From Chin P’ing Mei, Volume 2, Chapter 33 aka When Ching-Chi Loses his Keys and is Distrained to Sing.. Dated to the Ming Dynasty, Chinese (1368-1644 CE).


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