…At The Grindstones

{April 28, 2010}   Window Pirate

Spring has finally spring- maybe only in a few places, we’ve had some chilly days but I have been able to get out and about to a few of my favorite “urban parks” to see the progress. Not all of my favorite fountains are up and running sadly but hopefully this coming month I’ll see them going. This is near the major Farmers Market downtown.. and by the weekends in May- it will be loaded with musicians and families, shops/stalls and people enjoying all the pastries and amazing things that they will only come out for in the summer.. that really mean summer to them. It’s nice to see- lifts the moods of the people in general- which in a big city is generally needed….

I absolutely love this piece of art- high up on a building over a plaza with three of my favorite fountains (not up and running yet).. that a lot of people probably pass by every day. Of course I think of Egyptian symbolism with this one but not anything specific off the top of my head that you’d see there…)
The same plaza also has a section with what seems like a glass maze- textured amazing glass somewhat blocking the busy street on the other side of them… which from a distance just looks like a blockade of sorts that you cant get past …

In the same plaza I really love these pennants…

The Toronto “Thimble” πŸ™‚

A Tree next to the thimble in this awesome rounded “planter” …

Another bubbly planter with one tree and thankfully minimal garbage in it..

A punched out star on the side of a portable hot iron for making hot pastries in China Town..

Similar to a waffle iron…

An ancient-looking doorway south of the thimble…

A sign in a window.. πŸ™‚

A fun colored roof combo

The Classic Window Sneaker…on the ledge outside a hostel..

The classic window pirate in what I believe was a window of the hostel…

Just a few neat things I saw on my way last week πŸ™‚



Neel says:

Whoops… what, no editing? Anyway, I meant to have a link titled “In the Walls of Eryx”. And it still works if you click it..

Terrence says:

Great shots! I would love to go with you on an exploring, picture-taking excursion.

We’ll have to set that up then! Something fiery even in the future would make an awesome blog…. hmmm?

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