…At The Grindstones

{April 29, 2010}   I was standing on my head the other day…

“Oh I meant to tell you. I was standing on my head the other day and I got to thinking how probably unusual it is for someone of my age to do this. I can go right up and I can stay for a count of three or four minutes. My head is in my clasped hands and my elbows are what balance me. I have discovered that I am really almost standing on my forehead.

Then I begin to think what in the world started me standing on my head….”

-Katharine Hepburn. Age 80-something. Me (Page 25).

I’ve just begun to read Katharine Hepburn’s book, Me. It’s somewhat of an autobiography but as she mentions in the prologue that it doesn’t follow a set path or pattern or even timeline. It does jump around. But it’s energetic and fun and quite interesting, written in her own words and I can almost hear her reading it to me as I follow along- it has her energy. It’s not a long book, I will most likely finish it up in the next few days, and I’ll have a few other tidbits to post along with it.

One of my favorite films with Kate is hands down, Bringing Up Baby.

If you’ve never seen it, it’s quite fantastic, here’s one of the trailers:

Not sure how much I want to give away, but so far I’ve learned about the amazing things that her parents were involved with (her mother fighting for women’s rights and both parents for awareness of venereal disease when everyone else was in denial of it, her basket of naked photos, her “first time”, and the way her parents brought up their family to be relatively fearless in making an entrance or doing something otherwise thought of as crazy- driving underage, swinging on a trapeze in their own yard, climbing the tallest trees…

More on this soon,



Turbulence says:

Bringing Up Baby is also my favorite!!!! Then Little Women 🙂

I’ve seen most of Little Women- I reaally need to work on seeing the rest of it- I think I’ve missed a half hour… oddly enough it’s not that easy to find aside from the internet. Does the DVD have special features or did you catch it on TV/VHS?

I know it’s probably many people’s favorite bit but I do love this:

Turbulence says:

best scene … the bathrobe surely was pink 😉

Turbulence says:

Little women – I saw the remake on the 90s and caught the original on TV shortly after and a second time since then.

Bringing up baby – here I have the DVD with the US version and English/German soundtrack. Since this version is longer, there are parts of the movie just in English even on the German track. Funny to watch 🙂

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