…At The Grindstones

{April 30, 2010}   Old Montreal

Today I wandered around Old Montreal for the first time in a long time. My friend and I had decided to visit several museums but the weather was far far too nice to go inside for too long at any particular spot.. Here is some of the interesting architecture and odds and ends that I saw, part one 🙂 I may not know what everything is but I appreciated everything that I saw today. The bells were ringing loud as I arrived here- unfortunately there was so much construction it was difficult to get to or appreciate this part of the area.

This is heading up to the Science Museum- if it rains this weekend I’ll end up there but I’ll probably end up seeing it next time I am in town…

^^ Tents in the distance, that no one could tell me what they were..

…and a funky sculpture in front of the museum…

An interesting housing project, so I was told- I love how it looks…

A fun sculpture…

Waterfront picnics in the neat park areas..

A fun castle-style picnic area that reminds me of a Martello Tower

( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martello_tower ) Specifically the one in Halifax, Nova Scotia

People reading hidden away between touristy buildings..

I love the staircases here..

Typical street in Old Montreal

Stopped for lunch here, a BLT, Poutine (I had to) and a Mojito..

Mood music of the harmonica, turned down getting my portrait done for now.. enjoyed the sun.

My main view from the lunch table was of this heart sculpture, which reminded me of

another “heart-work” in San Fransisco….This building is under construction, with the weirdest custom painted drapery over almost all of it- including one painted to look like a bell tower…

A closer look so you can see the real and “will be restored” sections..

Getting the fountain ready for tourist season… very strong smelling paint..

Walkin the dog in a bit of history.. as opposed to …

A fun doorway I walked by..

And another one. Not sure why I have this fascination with older looking houses painted colorfully but I have some theories..one based on the classic Sesame Street steps, the other having to do with a man in my hometown who painted a few houses terrible bright clashing colors to try to get the permission he was denied to tear them down and build condos. I’m not sure if that ever happened but I remember seeing them as a child every day and appreciating them though wondering how they could get away with doing that.. since most houses on my street were white or grey and that’s as good as it got. The whole- well why can’t we have a multicolored house? Well, 10 years late I got new neighbours who got everything they wanted, including a door painted Barney purple. I was glad that it wasn’t my house then…but that’s another story…

Time to get back out in this lovely weather,



Sean says:

let’s go through the red door.

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