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{May 11, 2010}   Hot and Sour Soup

Success, A for Awesome. I made Hot and Sour Soup from scratch and it turned out pretty great! The only things I would change would be the heat that I cooked it with (less).. which I think would have helped with the color and adding the egg.. and not burning myself as much hehe.

I took the recipe mainly from Hiu of Expert Village:

He posted small videos breaking down step by step the preparation of Chinese hot and sour soup – the only video I had seen – or series of videos I guess- that really broke it down for newbies. So I gave it a whirl..

I went to my favorite place to shop for ingredients and take in the sights…

I’m not used to using so many kinds of sauce!

Black vinegar, Dark and Light Soy Sauce, Chili Bean Sauce, Cooking Wine, Olive oil, Salt, Sichuan Pepper, Turbinado Sugar, Cornstarch..

Then I chopped like a madwoman..

Blanched what needed blanching…including the super amazing bamboo A..


And then set it up to put everything all together. My main mistake was that the wok was way too hot when I started. Caused some problems with the ginger, egg, chili bean sauce and colour of soup.. And er.. I burned myself some..

And added all of the ingredients for the big finish!!!

And it wasn’t spicy enough for me so I added some chili-garlic sauce to serve and chopped green onions.. et.. VOILA!

I’m just heating up the last of it now..saved the A till until the end… Hope you enjoyed my food-venture!


Ps. Reminded me of Hot and Sour Peasant Soup (F the Shrimp!) Skip to :50 or so if you don’t know what I’m talking about from the Birdcage 🙂


Sean says:

I wish I was there for a taste… I’m talkin’ BADLY! 🙂

I’ll make it again sometime.. too bad I can’t mail liquids!

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