…At The Grindstones

{May 11, 2010}   Monkey of My Mind, Horse of My Will…

“He has uttered but a handful of disconsolate words,
Which cause my tears to fall in incessant cascades.
I cannot control the monkey of my mind and the horse of my will.
I am no more than a delicate Lo-yang flower,
In danger of becoming a target of romantic gossip.
These words may sound like a joke, but they’re not a joke;
This allegation may seem to be false, but it isn’t false.
That one is trying to pull up the trees
to investigate the roots,
While this one is pointing to a deer
and calling it a horse.”

Chin P’ing Mei- Volume Three- The Aphrodisiac (Chapter Fourty- One)


slpmartin says:

So many mental movements in this poem…what is real is perceived as false and what is false is precieved as real…quite an interesting post.

I loved it. I’m learning more and more about figures of speech and animal comparisons in traditional China through this text as well. There’s just a lot in this one hehe.

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