…At The Grindstones

{May 13, 2010}   Glitch Mob

Last summer, at Burning Man.. I heard some new music… and I really liked it. It’s hard to explain.. not always something you can dance to, not always something you would just relax to… but ..something I liked enough to pay for and of all the things I am a fan of- live music is generally not one of them.

The first song that I heard by them or one of them (Edit) was from a giant elephant art car behind me called Ganesh, during the build up before the man burned so – without getting into too many details here, it was a time where people were energized, thinking of new beginnings and sacrifices, everyone was out to witness this event… so it was packed… This enormous thing on fire made for quite a crowd (since we encircled it and we didn’t all have front row seats or even 3rd row..

Anyway it was this track:

Followed by this track remixed by Nero, that got this music in my head:

But back to the show. They were great to watch live, still obviously enjoying their own music and mixing it up.. the crowd was small, but obviously all knew this group well, and all from different circles..

Lots of movement, lights and projections, and new instruments I had never seen. I tried to get up to discuss their set up with them but the line was so long for that that I missed it by a hair. Sad because I wont get that chance again and they were every much into meeting the people who came out to see them in this small space. I’m glad I went though. Here’s one of their most popular tracks :

A little epi of them playing some live park and sidewalk shows..

And another well known track for you to enjoy:

It was one of those events for me where it was hard to capture in photo or video what it really meant to me, because for me I associate it with well- a different place… I’ll post about that later. Here are two little “snippets” of the show that I saw. Would have filmed more but I was too busy enjoying it.

A little bit of one of their more popular tunes 🙂 and yes I was dancing and trying to film haha.

Time to get out in the world today,



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