…At The Grindstones

{May 15, 2010}   For Their Delectation…

Was reading more of the final volume of the Chinese classic today and came across this passage, further reminding me of the passion for food that so many people have- and even in simple things one can find this feeling that takes them somewhere else. As a foodie I take this to be something absolutely related to the joy I find in eating, the preparation of food, like Italian cooking- the love and care that goes into preparing meals or snacks, and the joy I find in things like a pear that I can sit and enjoy – of course I am thinking of Xinjian pears as I write this, but it’s the little things I find that a lot of people write off because it’s too much work. Too much work to eat a pear, easier to eat fruit snacks.

Personally I love the fact that something complicated to eat forces me to slow down and savor it. Food I shop for outdoors, in smaller markets, so I can enjoy picking out the item in the sun and thinking about what it is going to go into, how I am going to enjoy it..

“Who could have anticipated that at this juncture Yueh-niang, back at home, should have sent Ch’i-t’ung and an orderly to deliver four partitioned boxes of mouth-watering sweetmeats and fancy fruits for their delectation. There were:

Blazing yellow kumquats
Fragrant red Pomegranates
Delectable bittersweet olives,
Verdant green apples, and
Redolently fragrant pears.

And there were also:

Honeysweet candied persimmons,
Sugar-soaked giant dates,
Butterfat pine nut pastries,
Elephant eye-shaped sesame candy,
Domino-like deep-fried sweetmeats, and
Honey-basted chain-shaped crullers.

In addition there were:

Willow-leaf candy, and
Ox-hide taffy.

Truly they were things:

Rarely found in this world,
Seldom seen in the universe.”

Is this stuff really so rare or do we just buy in bulk and let stuff go to waste and therefore only get it on it’s way out? Is it because of the way that we eat and prepare things- or purchase them fully prepared for that matter – that we don’t get excited about it or- is it cool to be this bored?


Ps. Yes, that is a reference to this song:


slpmartin says:

Such an interesting post…enjoyed your comments.

Neel says:

If it’s cool to be bored, then I shall remain a nerd. 😀

EXACTLY. Everyday I see more and more that people hate happy people, or energetic morning people. I’ve had my fair share of meh mornings I think but I try to give’r regardless of what else is going on. In the “big city” people will shove you out of the way on crosswalks and escalators etc if you are smiling and happy more so than anyone else. I was watching a show (Nurse Jackie) where the nurse says to a bike messenger on the street- “be careful” to which he replies “fuck you”.. the backstory being that she just hustled to save the life of a bike messenger in the emergency room but could not.. so crazy this attitude these days…

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