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{May 28, 2010}   Foodie Fare Two

For those of you curious about all the shizzle that I eat these days.. bear in mind this is over the last while and only at restaurants, and I’ve been traveling – I don’t eat out that much! 🙂

Pork and Green Onion Dumplings at the Dumpling House in Toronto

Rice that I forget the name of, but it was steamed with chicken, peppers and peanuts and it was mighty fine..

Can you tell that I am starting to learn Chinese….and that the service was slow that day?

Pizza from the same place, maybe called the Plum Tomato, Toronto, at Bathurst and Bloor- tasty, but the service is always sloowwww, even when you are the only ones there. This was, I think.. proscuitto and something…

A Ninja Slice..

A few weeks ago I had a hankering for Moussaka.. with potatoes- I wish they were lemon potatoes though.. Hands down one of my favorite foods…

This will be one of the next things that I tackle at home I think..

The other day I went to the Pickle Barrel (a Chain) and got sweet potato fries… and…

And a BLT & A.. Plus turkey…

I went out for a drink with my friend in Montreal and the menu had grape juice so I had to get it..

I went back to the same place the next day for Brunch, my favorite breakfast place in Montreal, Bistro Fruits Folie, with a good crew.. I had an amazing fresh Grapefruit juice..

One person got this AMAZING fruit place with fresh cream..

I had french toast with fruit and maple syrup… pretty good but… I wouldn’t get it again I don’t think because I wasn’t a big fan of the bread…

I usually get the Special Folie which someone else got:

I had visited my friend at a bakery that morning for my.. er.. first breakfast.. and had a Montreal Bagel with cream cheese and I took two enormous croissants for the road…

On the drive, once I got on the road to go further east, I stopped at Hotel Madrid ( video en route) and had some italian soup…

it was suuuper salty and the bun came in a baggie which freaked me out somewhat since I’d prefer homemade.. or crackers..

And a Bacon-Tomato sandwich which was awesome.

Once I made it to the east coast, after lots of not sleeping and major consumption of junk food in the car (blog about that coming soon), my first “meal” was the classic truck stop/ big stop breakfast which was AMAZING. It came out so fast- the waitress was super friendly and awesome as are most east coasters.. and though I almost fell asleep in it- I felt like my journey had finally ended, or rather, was about to begin.

Shortly after I went to my local tea house for a catch up with close friends- a great mix of people you’d never see out together otherwise…

And tried the soup. I think it’s called Ma’s Kitchen? In Dartmouth,NS. Used to be called the Queen of Cups and I guess they inherited the cups and saucers when they bought the place.. I think it was a Turkey soup- it was delicious.

Then I headed across to it’s sister city Halifax and grabbed some delicious nachos at the Wooden Monkey. Never a let down there.. but didn’t think to take a picture until I was almost finished eating them..

The next morning I went to the Halifax Farmers Market and got my market breakfast of Saturday Noodles from the Cheelin Restaurant, and 10 Pork Dumplings- SO amazing… I look forward to that EVERY time I visit Halifax. Ate them on the waterfront overlooking the harbour with an awesome group of people..

Then I went to Susies Shortbreads in Halifax and got a wicked Red Velvet cupcake which kicked the ass of the red velvet cupcake that I had at Wanda’s in Toronto in Kensignton Market.. This one was moist and amazing and rich and had a cream cheese icing and hit the spot like nobodies business.

I picked up a half dozen to deliver to a friend of mine at her weekend work… carried around a bright pink box – around town before the drop off and eeeveryone was jealous. It’s sad but true but so many LOCAL people to that city or it’s sister city do not know that there is a cupcake store- they don’t know what they are missing!!

Then I got the WORST italian soda ever from Perks coffee on the waterfront- no proper cups left, which means already the measurements are going to be off.. No ventilation in the hot coffee shop and a 7 minute wait.. seriously? I asked for half syrup and the guy pumps about 6 or 7 times into the tiny coffee cup. I felt like my teeth were going to rot out of my face.

Then I went to Porters in Dartmouth, NS. WHAT A DISASTER. 3 tables and terrible service. Water does not come for 10 minutes, and they wait till our other drinks are ready before bringing it. They bring me my tea- no hot water- and run away before I can say- “hey I need…” Took forever for the food to come, in which time my mother had emptied her water glass, my dad his beer, and I still have nothing. Hadn’t seen the waiter anywhere. I ended up with something with mashed potatos and watered down horseradish, and the potato peel had mould on it. AWESOME.

It was so terrible.

Usually I try to be thankful of all food put in front of me and how it’s prepared, thankful that I can afford to have someone else cook for me or had the time to make a nice meal.. and appreciative of what servers have to offer, because I’ve worked in service before. They all hung out in the kitchen and I could hear their TV. FAIL.

Anyway, for the most part the food I’ve had out recently has been AMAZING and really added to my trip. I have a few more items that didn’t make this blog because it’s getting so long, but I’ll post more soon! What was your favorite food that you had this week?



Turbulence says:

i’m hungry again. i def should stop reading *this* 😉

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