…At The Grindstones

{June 30, 2010}   Underwater

something fearless in your eyes

something careless about your smile
something fragile when you hold your breath
and when you move
you move right through me

fingertips so gently on my skin
i’m underwater
i feel the flood begin
fingertips so gently on my skin
you’re taking over and over again

shed your armour
spin your web
hypnotise me with the longest stare
make your promise
or maybe it’s a threat
‘cos when you look
you look right through me

we’re flesh and bone
together and alone
and we’re looking for a home

silver moonlight fills the sky
calling gently to the evening tide
you’re unfolding right before my eyes
and when you move
you move right through me

I always loved this song..something has me in this kind of mood and I can’t quite out my finger on it…

There is a slower version somewhere that is amazing as well,

I just couldn’t find it. Hmm…



{June 29, 2010}   Last Night..

Was remembering that I hadn’t lost all hope or faith in mankind:

Putting some clothes together for the trip, thinking about happy strangers, seeking shelter together, all meditating or praying together at the same temple, religious or not- finding solace in being there, joy, energy, love. Dance- is all of those things!!

I also got a new umbrella for it 🙂 And a new hat, and paraded around in my underwear and big faux fur coat..

I was a little sad because I watched a romantic comedy, and one of the characters in it looked like someone who had broken my heart.. and thankfully was portrayed as the same kind of person in the movie. I have no contact with this person by the way and we never dated so it wasn’t one of those 😛

Anyway it made me very sad. But this Burning Man video and being able to talk to someone about how excited it made me- someone slowing down enough to spend a moment with me and share that excitement was.. so awesome. A friendly ear can go a long way, helped me ignore the cupcakes in the kitchen begging to be eaten. At midnight there was a circus party outside my house so I decided to go. Didn’t take any pics. Turns out it was somewhat private- you could watch but you couldn’t participate. Lame.

Oh. Last week I was out and about and saw some awesome inflatable white ghost booga booga things (what would you call them?) in some buildings so I thought I’d share some of them…

The city is so lovely at night…

Candy Ghost?

Johnny Rockets had balloons, so I had to go in for fries.

This.. Reminded me of..


It’s a beautiful day out and I am “stuck” inside 🙂 I smile because I have great music, a lovely view and great people to keep me company online today through the hustle. That and I just cleaned my closet quiet thoroughly and am getting rid of lots of stuff in there… getting it a good new home as my tastes have changed in some things or I forgot about them. If I forgot about them, I probably don’t need them. I’ll keep my diplomas though. 🙂


I’m in bed with a knee injury and a cup of jasmine tea, half watching Fantastic Mister Fox, half on the floor for comfort, in a bit of shock as to what went on this weekend. I made a point of being out in it and seeing it because, the news, the media, they report what they see- and they all have their own angle, and I don’t even mean political angle. For example, lots of people told me what to expect at Burning Man or camping in the desert in general, but no one could really tell me, because no one really knew me. So you see I had to be there to see what it was for me, what it meant to me to see this stuff going down so to speak.

So what did it mean to me.. I’m not sure. I guess I had the same disbelief as everyone that this was happening in Canada and was extreme as it was. The violence though was not really related and as a result of a group of idiots that will remain unnamed here because they don’t deserve this “shout out”. What I did see was mad fear, a place that looked like a zombie attack had just run through (boarded up windows etc).. people who couldn’t find their usual escape acted out in rage, it was totally ridiculous. Most people who weren’t here- I say most as there were a few exceptions, didn’t give a moments thought to the well being of anyone here because it wasn’t real to them. I’m not trying to whine for attention by the way, I’m just totally shocked. That’s why I had to get out there.

I saw some hate crimes of these non protestor, non anarchist angry people. It reminded me of how much hate there was in the world and how much dependancy. And yet in my heart I was hoping for something to lean on, because it was breaking. It’s not like I lost faith in mankind perse, but something like that. By the way, my house had riots outside of it so I was really in the action. Thankfully I missed out on the Burning stuff in this case. I think it helped me emotionally that I was packing for Burning Man and had been BM shopping on Thursday- Friday for a few things I needed. Oh yeah where was I going with that. I’m somewhere in the middle- in the end I just wanted people to go home once the leaders had left- why protest all over the place afterwards, in a lot a lot of cases the cops were needed. In a lot of cases I was happy there were there. I saw some great protests though, some really peaceful ones, some really moving ones that were NONVIOLENT. I also saw a lot of garbage left on the ground from protesters that supposedly recycle every other day.

I took a lot of photos and videos and in the end- there are others that show so much more. Most of what I got was in the eye of the storm so, you see garbage, but not many protesters as they were on the move. I want my city back, I love it here. I want the fountains to be flowing again and to get out in it and explore as I always do. Even though I was out and about, aside from a quiet Saturday afternoon in a very peaceful Chinatown there wasn’t much that was beautiful. There was fear, there was pain, and there was loneliness.

In the end, Sunday night brought thunder and rain.. and with it, quiet for the most part with a burst of sirens around 10.. the rain to wash away the negativity and send people home to recharge and take care of themselves.. now there’s a calm cool breeze but a sort of haze or covering of sadness this evening and I think contemplation, thought, whatever, in most households and definitely some thankfulness going around for what we do have, friends, comforts, shelter….anyone who I saw this weekend added so much to my energy and ability to keep going and I think we were like that for each other, and hopefully not draining of each other. actually, but yeah- familiar faces after being in an ocean of strangers- can do a lot for anyone’s mood in any situation I think.

I’m not sure what else to say, I can’t really do a “wrap up” since things aren’t over. I do believe that with the dawn that many people will feel, well, safe- where they hadn’t before during this weekend, or at least as safe as they would have beforehand. All I can do is curl up in my bed with myself and be grateful for the fact that I can keep many of the comforts that I’ve worked so hard to get .. and I don’t mean my shoe collection..


{June 27, 2010}   G20 Video Preview

{June 26, 2010}   Double Post Sunday..

It’s been a crazy day, with the G20 in my city and near a lot of places that I needed to go, I ended the day after seeing some hate crime related violence, lots of smashed glass and some looting, Lord of the Rings-style riot cop marching, motorcades, hippies anarchists, trashed streets, busted eyeballs.. and the last bit of it ended as I frantically tried to wheel my ass out of downtown to somewhere safe to sleep and relax as I hit pavement and ripped my favorite pants. My leg is deliciously bloody, swollen to the point where it looks like I have 2 knee caps, and has a deep friction burn….still better than what a lot of people took home today. Tomorrow I am staying in, I saw enough of a foreign land in a familiar land- and I’ll post the videos and clips and so forth… All I can say is WHOA. Beautiful, frightening, stupid, amazing- so many motivations….


{June 25, 2010}   But I Wanted Salad King..

{June 25, 2010}   To Escape Us Unappreciated

“Completely inebriated, let us recline amid the fragrant verdure,

Suspending our silver lanterns on high underneath the flowers.

The fullness of youth turns all too easily into age.

Let us not permit the wonders of spring to escape us unappreciated.”

-Chin P’ing Mei, The Plum in the Golden Vase. Coda of a Song in Volume 3,

Chapter 46, First printed c.1610



{June 24, 2010}   Sichuan Chinese…

Today I dove back in to learning Mandarin, for a bit. There was an earthquake across central Canada which shocked everyone, since we don’t really get them, I was enjoying a cup of tea and then..

A few things to clarify from the video, Mandarin chinese has 4 accents for speaking, or tones. They are generally over each syllable and the tone can be uuupppp, dowwwn, upanddown, or flat and straight. I do not pronounce HUO-Fire properly in this video..

A little on Sichuan:
-It’s Capital city is Chengdu (Perfect Metropolis) it has mixed terrain with a lot of Tibetan influence and communities..
-Jiuzhaigou National Park is one of it’s treasures or Nature Reserve it’s also called:

And near there, the Pools of the Immortals:

-Sichuan had a terrible terrible earthquake in 2008, which measured an 8, and killed 65, 000 people. They are still recovering from the damage, but managed to get a lot of the touristy stuff back and in action rather quickly and have been rebuilding steadily since then..

Here is a map that better shows the rivers I was trying to point out:

From what I can see on this map there’s a few, some are marked differently on that map than the one in my book but.. my vision isn’t perfect so I can’t tell what is within the boundaries and what isn’t.. I’m still going to think about the province as one with 4 rivers, since I’ll never remember them all..

Info on the Sichuan-Tibet Highway:


How to make DanDan noodles, I love cooking videos, even If I don’t have everything to make them, I might try this sometime though, she’s really good at what she does:

Part 2

Don’t ever stop trying to learn new stuff, even if you think you sound stupid 🙂

We were all beginners once!!


et cetera