…At The Grindstones

{June 3, 2010}   Madrid Castles

So I went to the Hotel Madrid:

The Row of “Nintendos”

The “Cowboys”

Pull Up to the Bar for  a Juice and  a Sandwich!

The Upholstery or A Painting? Hhehe

Giant Utensils

Got any Quarters?

Dandelions outside that I busted up … y’know, for the kids. I made a wish though.. 🙂

Another great video at Monster Truck Castle

Look Up Waaaaay Up.

Have you seen this awesome video- The Sand Castle? I love it! (2pts)

Have you ever been to a real Castle? I don’t remember if I have been or not, I’ve been to lots of old churches, and fortresses.

Like this one:

And this one:

And those were pretty awesome too…




I’m putting that rest stop on my list of places that include both Dinosaurs and Monstertrucks…. I love it! I need to go…

I do love me some castles and forts! Check on Fort Adams in Newport, RI! I need to fly across the pond and check out some medieval action.

Keep on reporting!

Yes! You have to go sometime. They know why you are there. Let’s hang out in the parking lot and drink grape juice!

Trahern says:

The castle in Lisbon is the only one that comes to mind, but there was one in Spain somewhere that left a greater impression. It might not be an accurate impression. I recall white walls and blue roof tiles, but that might be due to Kylerian’s Castle in Bard’s Tale II. That’s what the actual castle reminded me of.

There’s also a medieval town in Portugal near the largest artificial lake in the world.

Neel says:

I love castle, but I prefer pre-gunpowder era. 😀
I’ve been to a reconstruction, but never the real thing…

OMG, I love the friendly Giant eheheheheh.

Hmmm I’ve been to many fortresses, such as the Fortress of Louisbourg – AWESOME!!!! and many churches, old buildings etc out in Quebec.

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