…At The Grindstones

{June 12, 2010}   Rainy Day Music..

It’s a rainy day here, or rather, overcast and foggy and threatening rain. I’m doing my weekly market run soon and just spent some time going through cooking videos on youtube and cookbooks to plan what I’d like to make this week: mousakka is a must,  fresh tomato sauce to go with some new quinoa and whole wheat pastas that I picked up, huevos rancheros, simple fajitas with lots of avocado.. of course as I am writing this the sun is starting to break awww. way to ruin my overcast relaxing day mood! heheh.  This is a good thing- there are many many outdoor festivals in the city today and it will keep the outdoor veggie vendors out long enough for me to get there.

Here’s what I have on Grooveshark’s playlist today, a little Shanghai Restoration Project:


Weird, the link doesn’t want to work properly for me today.

If the weather is going to pick up like this, I have to get out there!

If you aren’t a Grooveshark fan, here are some videos!



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