…At The Grindstones

{June 18, 2010}   Good Morning, I’m Norman…

I was out and about in the city the other day and came across this on the side of a building on Dundas East…. and it totally made my day..

Because it reminded me of a character (years later of course ) from a series to teach languages to children. The series was called Big Muzzy or Muzzy in Gondoland was volume one I think.. and the character I am thinking of was called Norman:

Oh he also went by Norbert:

And Carlos:

My library had it mainly in French but also in German once, and I think I took them out every 2 years until I was 20 because I was awful at learning languages (turns out I am much better with the reading, writing and grammar then speaking..

Did anyone else learn a language from Muzzy? Was it as big in Europe as we were told it was

growing up? Wiki : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muzzy_in_Gondoland

Here’s the english version intro, I always thought Corvax was pretty creepy in the series, tried to “clone” the princess to have his way with her:

And Muzzy, the character’s deal – he likes to eat clocks and parking meters.

Takes me waaaay waay back.

Oh- eating a clock:

Maybe it’s time to tackle Spanish this way…hmmm…

..anyway, just wanted to share a little piece of my childhood hehe.



Turbulence says:

never heard of Muzzy or Norbert/Norman 🙂

big in Japan – right?

Not that I know of re: Japan I thought it was a Germany- France- Norway kind of thing.. :S

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