…At The Grindstones

{June 20, 2010}   Halifax Public Gardens

On a recent trip home I took a stroll through the Halifax Public Gardens,

a little commentary on my trip here:

And some photos…

Flowers! 😀

The Gates

Oh hey here’s some Zombies at that gate:

The most popular fountain..

My favorite little area… complete with amazing weeping willow…

The base of that fountain..

Japanese Maples are – probably the most popular ornamental lawn- yarn tree in Nova Scotia, that and plum or crabapple trees have been all over the place…

Is this not THE BEST photo of this post and even of many others to represent summer??!!! I had a delicious kiddie scoop of French Vanilla- hard to find these days!!

On special occasions they strike up the band in that gazebo…

Here’s a little link to the website for the gardens:

There are also some amazing statues within, I remember I used to sprinkle seeds at the base of the statue of Ceres in hopes of a bountiful harvest:

Click on “Garden Features” on the site for a pic of her!

To make the best of your experience, go without expectations and with a desire to watch others soak up the sun as well as yourself, to watch ducks float by and water dance and move….it’s not a loud place generally and only recently have you been able to walk on the grass there- finally! A book or a chess-checkers set, deck of cards or, just lying on your back staring up at the sky.. always did it for me.. still does…


Ahh there’s the proper size… d’oh! mmmmm…


Turbulence says:

“i’m tired of talking” 😛

hey if there is a garden, one needs to walk on the grass!

Neel says:

The goose reminds me a bit of the bunny in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”…

I thinks there’s a law that Shenannagins must take place at night, by day only hijinx are allowed. 😉

I think Hijinx sounded too much like “a swear” for these guys to say it.. They were fine with shenanigans and hooligans though.. a generation diff. those were the days.. when you’d be skipping and they’d rush you with their tractors.. ahh…:P

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