…At The Grindstones

{June 21, 2010}   How to Make A Monday…

What is the best thing to do on a Monday?

Look for my milk tea’s shadow at the end!! 🙂

What really did it on this trip for me was this little girl- who I didn’t take a pic of because that would be creepy- she was sitting on a swing set “giving it” swinging, while reading a book – like really really caught up in this book… and before we left, she had kicked her shoes off too..  I’m thinking of taking off a day this summer to do that sort of thing..but being older that can creep out parents sometimes….lol.. I’m still going to do it though. 🙂

Happy Monday..even if it doesn’t pick up till later.. dawdle on your way home from work!



Turbulence says:

I’m just smilin’ 🙂

Neel says:

You need a camera that you could wear like a miner’s lamp for this. The belt idea worked pretty well, though. 🙂

You reminded me a bit of the scientist guy from “The Simpsons” at times with your sounds in this one. 🙂

HA! Professor Frink- probably! I did watch them quite a bit 🙂
Yeah I am still figuring out the camera

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