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{June 24, 2010}   Sichuan Chinese…

Today I dove back in to learning Mandarin, for a bit. There was an earthquake across central Canada which shocked everyone, since we don’t really get them, I was enjoying a cup of tea and then..

A few things to clarify from the video, Mandarin chinese has 4 accents for speaking, or tones. They are generally over each syllable and the tone can be uuupppp, dowwwn, upanddown, or flat and straight. I do not pronounce HUO-Fire properly in this video..

A little on Sichuan:
-It’s Capital city is Chengdu (Perfect Metropolis) it has mixed terrain with a lot of Tibetan influence and communities..
-Jiuzhaigou National Park is one of it’s treasures or Nature Reserve it’s also called:

And near there, the Pools of the Immortals:

-Sichuan had a terrible terrible earthquake in 2008, which measured an 8, and killed 65, 000 people. They are still recovering from the damage, but managed to get a lot of the touristy stuff back and in action rather quickly and have been rebuilding steadily since then..

Here is a map that better shows the rivers I was trying to point out:

From what I can see on this map there’s a few, some are marked differently on that map than the one in my book but.. my vision isn’t perfect so I can’t tell what is within the boundaries and what isn’t.. I’m still going to think about the province as one with 4 rivers, since I’ll never remember them all..

Info on the Sichuan-Tibet Highway:


How to make DanDan noodles, I love cooking videos, even If I don’t have everything to make them, I might try this sometime though, she’s really good at what she does:

Part 2

Don’t ever stop trying to learn new stuff, even if you think you sound stupid πŸ™‚

We were all beginners once!!



Exactly! Learn, learn learn. My friend Chris, a lighting tech at a major theatre, is learning to interpret Mayan glyphs so he can read the shrines and temples in Mexico.. whenever he can save up the loot to go there. It’s a HUGE undertaking, especially when you consider that the Mayan glyph system is changed by each carver! It’s both art and writing, so every character is drawn and carved in new ways by different artists.

I want to go to China!! Bring me!


Mayan glyphs are very difficult, I remember trying to learn after my first few years of Hiero.. and the stacking of the syllables and words into the squares was what really got me as far as word order and breaking up words and phrases… It’s the same with Hiero though, with the really really fancy books or carvings the extra details are added by each artist, but as long as you get a good idea of the shapes and meanings you should be okay.. I’m posting a video on that kind of thing next week actually hehe πŸ™‚

Turbulence says:

i did caligraphy so i remember some of the simple characters πŸ™‚

and the stroke order πŸ˜‰

I really need to find a good book with stroke order. I could assume and guess by looking at books but when it’s done by a computer or printer it’s no help… I have one book but it does strokes of first spoken words not first written so it starts off really difficult and there are only some easy signs. eh well. I was teeerrible at cursive.

Turbulence says:

i have 2 books for children to learn to write chinese (in english) … they have like 5-7 pics how the character was derived from the object it describes in the main meaning + the stroke order on the final/real character. will try to find them …

I know the ones- they are thin and well, kids book sized, and not only do they do that but they teach strokes based on shapes of everyday objects- I almost got them.. maybe I should.. hmm

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