…At The Grindstones

{June 26, 2010}   Double Post Sunday..

It’s been a crazy day, with the G20 in my city and near a lot of places that I needed to go, I ended the day after seeing some hate crime related violence, lots of smashed glass and some looting, Lord of the Rings-style riot cop marching, motorcades, hippies anarchists, trashed streets, busted eyeballs.. and the last bit of it ended as I frantically tried to wheel my ass out of downtown to somewhere safe to sleep and relax as I hit pavement and ripped my favorite pants. My leg is deliciously bloody, swollen to the point where it looks like I have 2 knee caps, and has a deep friction burn….still better than what a lot of people took home today. Tomorrow I am staying in, I saw enough of a foreign land in a familiar land- and I’ll post the videos and clips and so forth… All I can say is WHOA. Beautiful, frightening, stupid, amazing- so many motivations….



Doc says:

It looks so crazy

Neel says:

I hope your leg feels better quickly.

That sort of thing is why I am so glad to live away from any population centers. I’ll leave the epic clashes to people more serious than I am- and I’ll hope the tides of such show more deference to you… as unlikely as that is.

It’s gettin there. I still can’t feel my kneecap and I think part of it is deliciously infected buuuut… we;ll see. I’ve had worse. haha.

Turbulence says:

oops … can’t imagine Toronto like that … but what do I know …

It’s been pretty intense. I’m interested to see how people get back to business after this. How physically and how .. in their mentality. The downtown was hit pretty hard in many ways.. I’m going to hopefully check it out – the rebuild.. throughout the week.

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