…At The Grindstones

{July 12, 2010}   In a Moment Love Destroys Him…

“Do not go to bed fearing tomorrow,
For when day breaks how will tomorrow be?
Man knows not what tomorrow will be!
God is success, While man is failure.

The words which men say pass on one side,
The things which God does pass on another side.
Do not say “I am without fault”, Nor try to seek out trouble.
Fault is the business of God
It is sealed with his finger.

There is no success in the hand of God
Nor is there failure before Him
If one turns himself to seek out success,
In a moment He destroys him.

Be strong in your heart, make your mind firm,
Do not steer with your tongue;
The tongue of a man is the steering or of a boat,
But the Lord of All is it’s pilot.”

Ch. 18, The Instructions of Amenemope

While I don’t believe that man has zero control over his own experience in the world, I do like this one for several reasons. “The Egyptians” often in their literature will encourage strength of heart and following your heart…  I do believe that sometimes our faults are thrust upon us without our knowledge based on our situations and upbringing, and by overcoming certain fears we can open ourselves up and stand on top of these faults- acknowledging them is a first step to having power over them and therefore more control of your own self. Not that I am saying that you shouldn’t enjoy getting carried away from time to time….

If you want, you can “Course In Miracles” this post and replace “God” with “Love”, which of course makes this a battle between emotion and logic/science, rational and irrational… the joys of our own political ? successes I guess I’ll call them, and the joy and destruction of the storm of love and passion that tears us away from them, for a day, month, year… a lifetime.

I guess that’s why people who are struggling because they have made their passion the focus of their life, are the most successful in the long run because they get to feel both as a personal success? Maybe that’s taking it too far, since I’ve seen many an artist who is not honest with themselves, and who will not surrender…

We have to change and grow, be trampled, rebirth, sprout, reach, fail, pine for, cry for- to really make the most of this life. I don’t know why I want it, but I want it, and must have it, I can’t explain away that burning feeling in the chest that pushes and drives us  through or after a failure or a success… kind of an amazing feeling that makes be happy to be a part of this human experience just this once…Not sure if I worded it in a way that translates but….just something to think about for today,



I don’t know if replacing ‘God’ with ‘Love’ works well here but I guess it all depends on one’s definition of love since it seems to vary.

I don’t agree with this section:

The words which men say pass on one side,
The things which Love does pass on another side.

If a person can believe love is true, then words and love would go hand in hand. The testiment of love is making it happen, not treating it like an act of God and just letting it happen despite what a homeowner vs tornadoes might want.

I find it works best when two people are on the same page, not necessarily having a lot in common but making it clear what expectations are and having a concensus.

^ this applies to monogamous relationships too. If the concensus cannot be formed or agreed on, it just can’t work.

I interpreted that line to mean that what man says and what man feels can be very very different things.

And yes, I understand that many people can say exactly what they feel at that time but most people can’t. I don’t think this has to do with relationships at all in the sense of romantic ones, but in the sense of love versus politics- and I don’t mean drama perse.. I just mean human behavior…… gotta add on to that with a song:

I would say that with love, it’s not about looking for it, it’s not about making it happen- but letting it happen and surrendering to it when it’s something that can be overwhelming and scary, trusting another person to also say what they feel, or rather.. hoping that they are telling you the truth and dealing with the issues that arise when you find they were hiding something and didn’t even realize there was a problem… so I’d say.. it’s not about making love happen, it’s about finding it when you don’t need it and don’t have time for it, having it destroy or whip up your life and I’m not saying destruction is negative.. and then managing it and working on it as you go. That’s with any kind of relationship… ever. Friendship etc etc. Working on that with the parents.. that’s one I think we all struggle with haha.

I don’t know how open relationships come into this but yes, in any kind of relationship of any kind there should be honesty. I’ve seen those videos, but I think that is taking it off topic, since the focus is on the beauty of the storm that creates and destroys, not how to manage the storm, not how to apply it to relationships with others, but mainly- how to think of it as a blessing for yourself.

In that case, I agree. Love as a concept, outside of a relationship of any kind is definitely a great experience when unexpected, like coming upon a magnificent act of nature or someone else expressing the words we have trouble putting together.

My mistake was taking the line ‘The words which men say pass on one side’ as an allagory to relationships. Where people may say one thing and do another where love is concerned as is Faith in God. One dynamic, Man and God, placed onto another, Man and Partner. Sorry, my mind is a meanderer. 🙂

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