…At The Grindstones

{August 4, 2010}   Squirrel in the Coconut…

Monday I wanted to spend some time outdoors, so even though it threatened rain I headed to ChinaTown – ish, for Lemonade.. but the stand was closed because it was a civic holiday.. so we went to China Town for coconut water, and offered the hugest nuts ever to the squirrels, who had already carried away our pear cores and were devouring them in the trees above, dropping down the unwanted bits…. I’ll post a properly edited video of when he gets right into it and invites his friends later….


Neel says:

The buzzing in the background… is that a cicada? If so, yours sound different up there.

I’m glad you made something happy- that had to be his best day, ever. 🙂

spikedmartini says:

yessss! ❤

Extended cut will come someday, editing and I are not friends just yet haha.

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