…At The Grindstones

{August 6, 2010}   How to Be Alone

Trahern says:

“That is SUCH a female perspective,” is the first thing that comes to mind. I am automatically compelled to apologize for saying as much, but I’m drunk right now so sod that. (Perhaps this will change when I hit Submit Comment, or sober up, but I doubt it.)

I won’t deny the presentation of the thing, it makes me want to watch Finding Forrester again so it must be well done; but I can’t agree with the sentiment. Here’s something I just came up with that I think works better… in a single line, no less: “The surfeit of one’s loneliness is matched only by the lack of one’s imagination.” That might be the nicest way I can possibly say, “Being alone is not something you have to learn to SURVIVE.”

Or the nicest way to say people are stupid. Cue random George Carlin clip.

I agree. It was written by a woman though.. and women would respond more to this because it’s mostly words and poetry as opposed to more masculine visual stuffs..
I think more women are afraid of being alone at an older age than men- and this is probably geared towards women over 25… or over 30.. for lots of reasons.. or rather, feel insecure and lost when alone …. because there are so many things in the media that make women feel like they need to do such and such by blah blah age or, wont be desirable after a certain age, where as men age like fine wine lol… but.. that’s just a female perspective 🙂

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