…At The Grindstones

{August 14, 2010}   Oot and Aboot …

So many adventures, and lovely things that I experienced along the way that I haven’t yet been able to share…

From China Town in Montreal, I’d love to know what this is:

I don’t know why but I found this school group slightly offensive:

The Gates:

A restaurant that I can’t wait to go to:

Just doing some headstands , I love it, it reminds me of Egyptian Block statues

I LOVE this building in Montreal, but have never eaten there.. anyone know if it’s any good?

A creepy and beautiful deserted staircase and hallway that opened up into more mirrors and dark colours at the bottom..

The first set of Truck nuts that I’ve ever seen on the road..

A framed photo in an alley that brings back so many memories…

On the subway…

Reminds me of the trolley from Mr Rogers Neighbourhood

At Winners Homesense, artillery protecting the discount bedding:

Tanks for reading 🙂



Neel says:

Tanks for reading? I’d like an A7V! (if there are any left…)

Silly owner! Doesn’t he know that it will spray and get in demolition derbies unless he has it fixed !?

I’ve known places like that stairway. Wonder how one could quantify “creepy”…? 😉

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