…At The Grindstones

{August 19, 2010}   Thought for the Day- To Tell the Truth

Throughout your own experience-as you feel pain, ambivalence, joy- you must speak your own truth, first to yourself, then to those around you. “Stuffing” and self-deception have no place in this lifestyle: pretending that you feel great when you’re in agony will not make you a better <person>; it will make you bitterly unhappy, and  it may make those who care about you even unhappier.

When you tell the truth, you discover how much  you have in common with the people you care about, and put yourself in and excellent position to support yourself and each other in a life based on understanding and loving acceptance. As you dig deeper and share your discoveries, you may learn more about yourself and others than you ever knew before.

Welcome that knowledge, and keep on digging for more.”

– The Ethical Slut pp.67=68


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