…At The Grindstones

{September 5, 2010}   The Temple is Burning

When it’s all over.. and things have to end.. I think about the joy that that thing or person has brought to me. I think about the people in my life who are no longer walking this Earth who have given me love and wisdom and how to put those things in a new place in my heart… to be inspired by them and to be understanding of the nature of things changing and how our time here or anywhere is uncertain.

At the end of Burning Man.. at the very very end, it’s gone and an empty space again without any garbage or living creatures. We owe it to the playa to leave no trace, appreciate what it gives to us and what we give to each other there… and to take it with us.

Sure, I am showing you videos and photos, but what you really take away cannot be captured in any image, moving or still. It’s something we carry with us inside from the experience, the love and open-ness and new things that we learned there, and the glow that we try to pay forward and give to others year round even when we aren’t there in this Brigadoon… About appreciating the little things that we give to each other and spending time with each other and loving each other.

This year I have a very special package to burn at the temple and some important messages to write that reflect just that… I’ve already prepared it and I am ready to let it go and put it in a new place in my heart and heal what needs to be healed, alone or with other people feeling the same way… no matter what their religion or faith is, they can come to the temple at Burning Man and find peace and love in the shared experience that is being HUMAN, and feeling and winning and losing…

Can’t we two go walking together..



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