…At The Grindstones

{September 7, 2010}   Returning to the Shades Empty-Handed..

“For humans residing in this world,

Glory and luxury, wealth and honor

cannot be retained forever. One fine day, when:

Impermanence, or death, visits you,

no matter how much you may have in the way of:

Piled up gold and accumulated jade,

you’ll wind up:

Returning to the shades empty-handed.”

-Chin P’ing Mei- Volume 3- Chapter 56


Neel says:

It is to be hoped the empty-handedness is only literal, and not metaphorical.

Could be either.. who knows if we remember anything when we return, but just go back as shells? Does our energy come with us, or go back into the world, earth , universe? I don’t think empty- handed has to mean .. meaningless..

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