…At The Grindstones

{October 13, 2010}   White Tea Review- Teavana

Jay says:

Sounds like it would be a candidate for chamomille and a bit of skullcap for a sleep aid. Most white teas are pretty vacant when it comes to flavors 😦

turbu1ence says:

for the record … i never ate grass! 😛

Trahern says:

During my infrequent tea-sampling, the only one I’ve enjoyed so far is lemon and ginger. I also discovered that putting anything in tea seems just plain wrong to me, for some reason. Some sort of, “If you can’t have it straight, what’s the point?” ethic. I guess I wouldn’t make a good saucier or anything.

On a totally unrelated topic, where’d the knickers go? You removed the knickers! :p

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