…At The Grindstones

{October 24, 2010}   Instead of A Blog…

.. your questions of the day are…

….what is your favorite beverage right now

….what is the movie that you put on when you need a pick me up

….What kind of food do you love that weirds people out?


For me… it’s tea. always. It was oolong with raspberries until I ran out… My Movie is, the Mysts of Avalon, or Awakenings, or generally any old classic…. and for food, the first one that comes to mind is cheddar and peanut butter. hha.

Yeah that was lazy but, this city is super draining….




turbu1ence says:

* water
* any comedy with little romance
* does cheese with mango-curry dip count?


Neel says:

…Tea, the plain old ordinary orange pekoe type. With lime.
…Big Fish.
…Drink, actually: buttermilk.

I hope the city gives back a bit, before you move on. 🙂

Trahern says:

Pepsi Max. I prefer cans to plastic bottles; I wish I could find some in glass bottles, someday.

K-PAX. Noone understands why. Does everyone else think he was just crazy? It turned out for the best, for everyone, under the circumstances.

People used to be disturbed when I mashed the pie and ice cream together before eating it. I loved the combination of hot and cold it gave me.

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