…At The Grindstones

{October 25, 2010}   Today…

I spent time with 12 cats and 2 raccoons. I worked out twice and I’m spending most of my time super active. I filmed a ton of videos and had a bunch of kitties fall asleep in my lap, watched them try on clothing and…do ridiculous things.. and some almost throw up in my lap. I met up with some famous athletes in this area, drank some fine wine…and got to talk to a lot of people that I deeply care for. I can’t say in any way that it was a bad day.. and it’s still going.. so I have to go.. xo



Neel says:

It’s rare that someone gets to hang out with more cats than I have owned. 🙂 Were the cats and the raccoons together? if so, how did they get along?

I hope your day continued along the same lines.

turbu1ence says:

cat cuddles, wine & people one cares about!

please don’t write “bad day” in the same line, not even to negate it 😉

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