…At The Grindstones

{November 2, 2010}   Dear Diary



Having a bit of a medical blip … I haven’t forgotten about you, I’ll be back.





Neel says:

And I will be glad when you are. 🙂
Meanwhile, many, many, many good thoughts for you.

turbu1ence says:


Trahern says:

Oh, I was assuming you were still terribly busy doing cool real life stuff. Hope it’s nothing fatal, and so on…

Trahern says:

That said, blips tend to be short-lived. This is more of a beep, or bleep, or perhaps a blee-oop.

Next week, it’ll be R2-D2 impersonations.

Neel says:

I hope the blip is passing as quickly as it can. Still (and always) good thoughts going out to you.

Trahern says:

Boobeedoop blip bloop bleep.*

*Let us know you yet live.

Trahern says:


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