…At The Grindstones

{October 17, 2010}   This always bugged me… Listen..

This music was always so innocent and colorful to me.. and I’m wondering if they set this up on purpose for people who would also have happy thoughts triggered by this music..


{October 16, 2010}   Run, Run

A short film Jim Henson shot at his Greenwich, CT home in October 1965. The film features his daughters Lisa and Cheryl and his wife Jane. Music by Joe Raposo.  🙂


{October 12, 2010}   Super Busy Day Cuteness

And the original:



{September 28, 2010}   How Do You Do

{September 12, 2010}   Appreciator..

“Many people see Jim as an extraordinary creator and I realize that I see Jim first as an appreciator. He appreciated so much.He loved London. He loved walking on the beach. He loved Parliament Hill, flying kites. He appreciated his family and his colleagues and his Muppet family and he appreciated the performance and the design of a puppet. He appreciated the detail on a persian rug. He appreciated beauty. I really don’t believe that Jim could have been such an extraordinary creator if he hadn’t been such an extraordinary appreciator.”

-Frank Oz

{September 4, 2010}   Thought for the Day: I Promised Me

“I guess I was wrong when I said I never promised anyone. I promised me.”

-Kermit the Frog

{August 31, 2010}   Can You Picture That?

Anybody’s lover, everybody’s brother
I wanna be your lifetime friend
Crazy as a rocket, nothing in my pocket,
I keep it at the rainbow’s end.
I never think of money; I think of milk and honey,
Grinnin’ like a cheshire cat.
I focus on the pleasure, something I can treasure,
Can you Picture that?


{August 26, 2010}   A Very “Human” Being

“Despite this discussion of things spiritual- I still think of myself as a very “human” being. I have the full compliment of weaknesses, fears, problems, ego and sensuality. But I think this is why we are here- to work our way through all this, and, hopefully, come out a bit wiser and better for having gone through it all.”

-Jim Henson

{August 23, 2010}   Wait for My Dad….

So many reasons why I love this show, and Christopher Reeve is kind of awesome 🙂

Did you see him in Sleeping Beauty?

As a GP?



{August 18, 2010}   Muppet Medley For Jim Henson

et cetera