…At The Grindstones

Revisiting the city and museum after getting a bit taller and moving beyond allowance days where I can buy all the crap that I want and therefore don’t…I may sound negative but it’s only because it doesn’t feel the same and I had spent 3 days in a car, so another drive to get here had me exhausted ..

But seriously, it’s a great place to take a family, bring a picnic, check out the museums and be bad and get fish and chips and ice cream and eat it on the docks.. 🙂

A better tour through the streets:

Another one:

Go there yourselves- a nice, relaxing road trip!!




{June 2, 2010}   Camp Day!!

It’s summer, it’s time to get out and enjoy the sun. Maybe you can’t take a week off, but you can help someone who has a week off and not enough to do have a phenomenal time…

Tim Hortons Camp Day- Read more HERE

Today if you purchase a coffee at Tim Hortons in Canada, you help send a kid to camp. No Hortons? NO problem! You can donate to the same foundation HERE!

Now I got an Iced Cap today because I had a hankering for one, but I still put my donation in the donation bin – a little more than the price of a coffee but – it was what I could afford .. and every little bit helps. They always say that, but it DOES.

I never went to any overnight camps growing up.. I think there was an overnighter at a church I used to go to.. and then the usual girly sleepovers where we drank pickle juice, threw salt in each other’s eyes and drew penises on my face or some other poor girl because I would go to sleep first. Well, or moustaches.. Aaaalllways checked our faces when we woke up.

YOU TOO can help get a sharpie PEN 15 child’s face. DON’T DENY THEM the priv. of joining this club.. But in all seriousness these kinds of things can help kids stay active, get them out of the computer chair and away from bad scenes.

Reminds me of:

But seriously, I went to an open house at one of the camps when I was 12 or 14 or something and they were wicked and beautiful and had lots of open grounds with clean real grass and lots of places to play and be active.

I ended up at a teeny tiny location, but it was still PACKED :


Send a Kid to Camp!!

et cetera