…At The Grindstones

{June 29, 2010}   Last Night..

Was remembering that I hadn’t lost all hope or faith in mankind:

Putting some clothes together for the trip, thinking about happy strangers, seeking shelter together, all meditating or praying together at the same temple, religious or not- finding solace in being there, joy, energy, love. Dance- is all of those things!!

I also got a new umbrella for it 🙂 And a new hat, and paraded around in my underwear and big faux fur coat..

I was a little sad because I watched a romantic comedy, and one of the characters in it looked like someone who had broken my heart.. and thankfully was portrayed as the same kind of person in the movie. I have no contact with this person by the way and we never dated so it wasn’t one of those 😛

Anyway it made me very sad. But this Burning Man video and being able to talk to someone about how excited it made me- someone slowing down enough to spend a moment with me and share that excitement was.. so awesome. A friendly ear can go a long way, helped me ignore the cupcakes in the kitchen begging to be eaten. At midnight there was a circus party outside my house so I decided to go. Didn’t take any pics. Turns out it was somewhat private- you could watch but you couldn’t participate. Lame.

Oh. Last week I was out and about and saw some awesome inflatable white ghost booga booga things (what would you call them?) in some buildings so I thought I’d share some of them…

The city is so lovely at night…

Candy Ghost?

Johnny Rockets had balloons, so I had to go in for fries.

This.. Reminded me of..


It’s a beautiful day out and I am “stuck” inside 🙂 I smile because I have great music, a lovely view and great people to keep me company online today through the hustle. That and I just cleaned my closet quiet thoroughly and am getting rid of lots of stuff in there… getting it a good new home as my tastes have changed in some things or I forgot about them. If I forgot about them, I probably don’t need them. I’ll keep my diplomas though. 🙂



Revisiting the city and museum after getting a bit taller and moving beyond allowance days where I can buy all the crap that I want and therefore don’t…I may sound negative but it’s only because it doesn’t feel the same and I had spent 3 days in a car, so another drive to get here had me exhausted ..

But seriously, it’s a great place to take a family, bring a picnic, check out the museums and be bad and get fish and chips and ice cream and eat it on the docks.. 🙂

A better tour through the streets:

Another one:

Go there yourselves- a nice, relaxing road trip!!



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