…At The Grindstones

An amazing Chai Latte from Two if By Sea, in Dartmouth, NS

Cornflakes in Chocolate!

Penny Candy from a Gas Station!

Nicoise Salad from Le Pain Quotidien in Toronto, On

Cookies and Prosecco

Filthy Delicious Triple Pork Poutine

Huevos Rancheros with Soy Sausage

Mushroom and Onion Bacon Grilled Cheese, from, The Grilled Cheese, Toronto

Smile, it’s lunchtime!!

The most delicious Peanut Chicken I’ve ever had, Pi Tom’s, Toronto

SO DELICIOUS. I can’t wait to try new things on the road, and get back to cooking in my own kitchen as well!


{July 13, 2010}   Snacking…

When I’m on the road I find it extremely hard to find food that its healthy and that will give me the boost that I need. Rather, I did find it hard. Ha, I just wrote food, I guess it’s lunchtime? I eat something like 6 times a day though because I am fairly active..

I tried an Heirloom Tomato on my last trip, because it looked neat. It was not tasty.

Looked neat though…

With Mini Mini Bocconcini

Goes better with Grape or Cherry tomatoes, or Hothouse.. and a Fozzie Fork doesn’t hurt…

Or if I feel fancy I try a bit of a soft cheese with honeycomb and toast.. haha

Or dumplings or a small noodles out on the town..

On road trips- when I have no utensils I hit up the cheese curds, little tomatos and raisins… I was feeling nostalgic so I wanted the cardboard box raisins to remind me of recesses at school or, the last of the Halloween candy haha

To try to stop myself from eating something like…

..because really, I shouldn’t be eating anything that comes in nugget form and I usually don’t… but being violently ill on the road did at least allow me to stay awake until 5…

The teeny predator attacks it’s prey from the inside out….

My foodloves as of late have been honey toast and tomatoes and cheese, spicy soups- homemade tom yum goong or hot and sour out on the town..

Even though it’s hot out, I really miss East-Coast HOMEMADE fish chowder. HOLY CRAP.

Comes with that white dinner roll and too-firm butter packet.. I don’t usually eat white bread unless I have company so it’s so delicious when I do…though I prefer baguette action..

See there they gave me crackers as well since they know how it’s done. You can’t really get good fish chowder in places where fish isn’t number one on the menu. Even then the chef is usually picky or tries to get creative with it which you just can’t do. It’s comfort food and tradition- get yer sage out of my showdair.

I had that in Mahone Bay, NS..Here:

SO GOOD. There’s a giant Yellow lawn chair out front that I wish I took pics in but I was way too hungry after having only had that heirloom tomato that morning…

I took a picture of their desert menu to give you an idea of what an east coast dessert is like. Generally someone’s grandmother or aunt baked it that day or the day before.. it’s a pie or a crumble.. Might have apples or sour berries in it and a TON of sugar..

Let’s see if I can read this blur :

Mincemeat Pie * Apple Crumble *Apple Pie *Strawberry Rhubarb Pie * Rice and something Pudding * Bread Pudding * Ice Cream- Strawberry – Chocolate- Vanilla * Coconut Cake * Coconut Cream Pie * Date Square * Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie * Mincemeat pie with something ..

At home dessert growing up was ice cream, maybe a popsicle.. but I was never a dessert fan. Even ice cream, not a fan. When family was around, more than the home folks, we had pie,  Partridgeberry, Apple, Date and Lemon Squares (I loved those) and a variety of cookies, or Partidgeberry or lemon tarts. If it was a tea party we were having then we had little sandwiches and cookies, I’ve always preferred the second round of sandwiches to the cookies though.. even though I can bake like nobody’s business.  One side of my family was very much about the afternoon tea though which is why we often had more than one type of cookie or square around…ooh Lunchtime!


Click here to Check it out!

Sharing another blog with you today:


Now I am hungry and off to brunch- lunch, something along those lines.

I’ll post more stuff soon, this is just to work up your appetite muhahaha


{May 5, 2010}   Foodie Fare One

Just a little update since I have been busy and out of town over the last few days to show some of the awesome and fun meals I’ve had out on the town…

I really am a huge huge soup fan- I don’t know why, it’s a comfort food, it can be a challenge to make- someday I’ll tell you about the last time I “made” potato-leek soup…

One of my favorites- because it’s delicious and hard to do wrong, is Tom Yum soup – with shrimp!! Which is another soup that I’ll be trying to tackle after the Hot and Sour cookoff this weekend.

More info Here!

Tom Yum Soup ..

Thai Dumplings with Peanut Sauce  were also a part of this meal but I ate them before I thought of taking a photo… I also had Chicken with Potatos and Yellow Curry…

Sticky Rice

The next day, being in Montreal, I had to have Poutine, but sadly the fries were from a freezer…

Then for dinner I had a Chicken Salad sandwich with apples and bacon.. oh yeah there was a salad. 😛 With Nachos an homemade guacamole.. Kind of looked like face with the cucumbers.. I love a good presentation..

The next day I went to a Giant Orange for a burger..

Here’s a shot of the inside…

This is the massive burger, I forget what it was called but it was delicious. except it was made with “american cheese” which was the only let down.. But it had bacon and caramelized onions, mushrooms and goodness..

My friend had a combo- from which I stole many a tasty fry.. we ate outside in the parking lot on picnic tables- a real summer feel 🙂

Every combo came with an Orange Julius style milk-orange drink which I am not a fan of but they were cute cups.

The next day I went to my favorite brunch place in Montreal, perhaps of all time for the Special Folie- classic eggs and bacon brekky with ham, sausage, crepe, creton, toast and fruit…. SO GOOD.. that I forgot to take a picture once I got inside hahaa.

After work the other day I met up with a friend for a late lunch at the Grilled Cheese restaurant in Toronto, which I love the feel of.. and I sat facing the pickle wall…

And I had a grilled cheese called The Beast, with bacon, 2 kinds of cheese, onion, mushroom , tomato, spinach, not sure what else, but it came with chips and a pickle.. and it was mighty fine!

Which I rounded out with some cold fizzy water on another patio at a dessert- lunch place called Wanda’s Pie in the Sky. I had a red velvet cupcake but was disappointed when the icing was lemon pudding. I wont discount the place just yet though, my plan is to go back with a group and eat a full pie in the sun.. since I hear they are amazing.. 🙂

That’s a little bit of the food-ness that I got to indulge in over the weekend while I was away in Montreal and settling back in…Now that I am back I’m getting ready to do some cooking videos over the weekend and try some stuff out at home!


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