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{June 11, 2010}   Road Trip East… Part Une

A collection of vloggitys from my recent trip to the East Coast!!

Here’s a vid I missed posting on my approach to Monster Truck Castle:

It’s a long long road across Quebec, for someone craving to see something more familiar… and there aren’t many trees..

Got caught behind a paint truck:

Reminds me of a Family Guy clip, where Peter and Quagmire are on the phone with each other, driving behind each other talking about bad drivers who they need to get in a fight with- and of course they wish each other good luck in their fights and fight each other haha. I couldn’t find the clip..

Pics from the road:

Yes it’s a real place:

Amazing Sky…

Racing the sun home..

Once I got there, I took the ferry from Dartmouth to Halifax:

As I mentioned in the video, we went shopping at Morrigan LeFay’s Mystical Gifts in Dartmouth, NS- I always find something amazing there… and this time even more so, aside from the goodies- there were baby animals coming in to warm up before the long road to their new temporary home!


Choppy waters on the harbour that day:

And some more photos..

Dartmouth waterfront..

The Macdonald Bridge..

Halifax Waterfront approach..


A little tower on the Halifax side built in the last ten years- I don’t remember the significance…

It was really nice out, a little chilly during most of the trip… I have a lot more photos and more memorable things to post- but I had GREAT company – of those PHENOMENAL people I was discussing who are so rare in my Love post a few entries back… I just don’t have time to get into our shenanigans just now.. 🙂


{June 3, 2010}   Madrid Castles

So I went to the Hotel Madrid:

The Row of “Nintendos”

The “Cowboys”

Pull Up to the Bar for  a Juice and  a Sandwich!

The Upholstery or A Painting? Hhehe

Giant Utensils

Got any Quarters?

Dandelions outside that I busted up … y’know, for the kids. I made a wish though.. 🙂

Another great video at Monster Truck Castle

Look Up Waaaaay Up.

Have you seen this awesome video- The Sand Castle? I love it! (2pts)

Have you ever been to a real Castle? I don’t remember if I have been or not, I’ve been to lots of old churches, and fortresses.

Like this one:

And this one:

And those were pretty awesome too…



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