…At The Grindstones

{October 24, 2010}   Movie Haul Montreal

{August 14, 2010}   Oot and Aboot …

So many adventures, and lovely things that I experienced along the way that I haven’t yet been able to share…

From China Town in Montreal, I’d love to know what this is:

I don’t know why but I found this school group slightly offensive:

The Gates:

A restaurant that I can’t wait to go to:

Just doing some headstands , I love it, it reminds me of Egyptian Block statues

I LOVE this building in Montreal, but have never eaten there.. anyone know if it’s any good?

A creepy and beautiful deserted staircase and hallway that opened up into more mirrors and dark colours at the bottom..

The first set of Truck nuts that I’ve ever seen on the road..

A framed photo in an alley that brings back so many memories…

On the subway…

Reminds me of the trolley from Mr Rogers Neighbourhood

At Winners Homesense, artillery protecting the discount bedding:

Tanks for reading πŸ™‚


In ChinaTown Montreal

Sculpture In Montreal πŸ™‚

She’s pretty happy for having worms in her ears..

Super steep escalator out of the Subway in Montreal

“Grafitti” in Toronto

Post downtown Toronto

A neat building behind that..

An awesome jacket ..

A neat building I walk by in Montreal fairly often..

Another one…..

A lil Video I took in Grand Parade in Halifax:

Extra info to go with the video:

The church with the face in it, is St. Paul’s Church in Grand Parade, there’s a window on the right side that, I guess a priest flew threw during the explosion in 1906, profile, and since then a profile outline of his face shows up on the window whenever the glass is replaced… so it’s a pretty touristy spot..more at this link


Halifax Town Clock


The guy who loved circles was Prince Edward, Duke of Kent:


This is for you, Eddy:


That’s it for today!


{June 11, 2010}   Road Trip East… Part Une

A collection of vloggitys from my recent trip to the East Coast!!

Here’s a vid I missed posting on my approach to Monster Truck Castle:

It’s a long long road across Quebec, for someone craving to see something more familiar… and there aren’t many trees..

Got caught behind a paint truck:

Reminds me of a Family Guy clip, where Peter and Quagmire are on the phone with each other, driving behind each other talking about bad drivers who they need to get in a fight with- and of course they wish each other good luck in their fights and fight each other haha. I couldn’t find the clip..

Pics from the road:

Yes it’s a real place:

Amazing Sky…

Racing the sun home..

Once I got there, I took the ferry from Dartmouth to Halifax:

As I mentioned in the video, we went shopping at Morrigan LeFay’s Mystical Gifts in Dartmouth, NS- I always find something amazing there… and this time even more so, aside from the goodies- there were baby animals coming in to warm up before the long road to their new temporary home!


Choppy waters on the harbour that day:

And some more photos..

Dartmouth waterfront..

The Macdonald Bridge..

Halifax Waterfront approach..


A little tower on the Halifax side built in the last ten years- I don’t remember the significance…

It was really nice out, a little chilly during most of the trip… I have a lot more photos and more memorable things to post- but I had GREAT company – of those PHENOMENAL people I was discussing who are so rare in my Love post a few entries back… I just don’t have time to get into our shenanigans just now.. πŸ™‚


{May 27, 2010}   Frogs and Flowers

I went to the Montreal Botanical Garden’s recently. I LOVE it there, so much. I didn’t have much time but I wanted to show you a bit of my experience there, go go go if you every get the chance, take a day, bring some snacks..

Official Website Here!

I LOVE this flower. I can’t remember the exact variety though…

The approach…

There is so so much to see there. I still haven’t been to the furthest sections of the gardens, I really need a day or two there.. I’m hoping to treat myself to that some time soon actually, as when I was there this time I was recovering from illness and did not have the strength to trek all over the place as usual.

My favorite bits I did see though, the Chinese gardens:

Wiki Guardian Lions– Read more about them HERE!

I’m certainly not showing all of that section of gardens, but it’s a bit of an idea of a place where you can be taken away…. The greenhouses are AMAZING and are also my favorite but I skipped those this time.. to make it to the Alpine Garden, which in it’s rockiness reminds me of lots of places that I visited as a youngin’… though I missed out on the Japanese gardens which are also amazing…

If you have a look at their website you’ll see just how huge it is. The First Nations Garden is also phenomenal and reminds me of home so when I can I absolutely spend some time there and enjoy the scent of the trees.

Just wanted to share a bit of that with you tonight, I was away on somewhat of a vacation, and have so much to share it’s overwhelming!


{April 30, 2010}   Old Montreal

Today I wandered around Old Montreal for the first time in a long time. My friend and I had decided to visit several museums but the weather was far far too nice to go inside for too long at any particular spot.. Here is some of the interesting architecture and odds and ends that I saw, part one πŸ™‚ I may not know what everything is but I appreciated everything that I saw today. The bells were ringing loud as I arrived here- unfortunately there was so much construction it was difficult to get to or appreciate this part of the area.

This is heading up to the Science Museum- if it rains this weekend I’ll end up there but I’ll probably end up seeing it next time I am in town…

^^ Tents in the distance, that no one could tell me what they were..

…and a funky sculpture in front of the museum…

An interesting housing project, so I was told- I love how it looks…

A fun sculpture…

Waterfront picnics in the neat park areas..

A fun castle-style picnic area that reminds me of a Martello Tower

( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martello_tower ) Specifically the one in Halifax, Nova Scotia

People reading hidden away between touristy buildings..

I love the staircases here..

Typical street in Old Montreal

Stopped for lunch here, a BLT, Poutine (I had to) and a Mojito..

Mood music of the harmonica, turned down getting my portrait done for now.. enjoyed the sun.

My main view from the lunch table was of this heart sculpture, which reminded me of

another “heart-work” in San Fransisco….This building is under construction, with the weirdest custom painted drapery over almost all of it- including one painted to look like a bell tower…

A closer look so you can see the real and “will be restored” sections..

Getting the fountain ready for tourist season… very strong smelling paint..

Walkin the dog in a bit of history.. as opposed to …

A fun doorway I walked by..

And another one. Not sure why I have this fascination with older looking houses painted colorfully but I have some theories..one based on the classic Sesame Street steps, the other having to do with a man in my hometown who painted a few houses terrible bright clashing colors to try to get the permission he was denied to tear them down and build condos. I’m not sure if that ever happened but I remember seeing them as a child every day and appreciating them though wondering how they could get away with doing that.. since most houses on my street were white or grey and that’s as good as it got. The whole- well why can’t we have a multicolored house? Well, 10 years late I got new neighbours who got everything they wanted, including a door painted Barney purple. I was glad that it wasn’t my house then…but that’s another story…

Time to get back out in this lovely weather,


et cetera