…At The Grindstones

{October 18, 2010}   MUSTARD PARTY- Kozlicks

I went to the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto to restock on the delicious Mustards there as made by Kozliks Mustard, and I purchased some fresh, delicious pretzels from a company that I call- the Strudel folks- I think it’s called Oodles of Strudel (North Market Only). Prior to a walk about my friend and I challenged each other to a Mustard eating contest .. which I lost but enjoyed… of the following four ‘stards, a little rip and dip…

Triple Crunch is amazing, fantastic to cook with and a tried and true regular in my fridge, as is Market Mustard and the variety they make with dates (can’t remember the name). This time we got:

My two favorites as well as Sweet and Smokey and Double C, both spicy. All of those have horseradish to give them a kick aside from Triple Crunch, so if you are a fan of wasabi and blowing out your sinuses as kids get back to school and start spreading their germs around public transit, I’d say it’s about time to spice it up. My favorite this time with the pretzels was the Sweet and Smoky as the dough wasn’t as sweet as pretzels I had tried in the past.

Other things I like to use to add zing- Chinese Chili Garlic Sauce and Pickled Banana Peppers. How about you?




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