…At The Grindstones

{August 24, 2010}   White Point

{August 23, 2010}   Last Summer, In Halifax…

I did many many things….

I visited the underground pedways and sadly saw all of the things that had closed down or had gone out of business, and what they were being replaced with.. still, a good way to get out of the rain…

Visited the Town Clock… As mentioned in my circle blog here:


At Delicious dumplings and noodles from the Cheelin Restaurant in Halifax on the water over looking George’s Island and the sister city Dartmouth..

Walked by the new Bud The Spud- famous chip truck, now under new ownership and parked in a new place- still by the public library in Halifax in between the 2 – what once were- major shopping streets..

Went into the library for the smell that takes me back, and the coldest most delicious water fountain aka free water in the perfect place for a break on the library lawn .. with fries.. hehe.

Ate delicious cupcakes from Suzies Shortbreads, and picked up a bright pink box full of cupcakes to deliver to friends downtown who were working…mid-afternoon sugar rush..walked by the clock and checked out the so called candy cane smoke stacks and view..

Walked downtown over the Citadel Hill to mix things up…and busted our a pocket kite I bought the day before to see if the wind would take it, and it did…mostly.

I find this door kind of creepy…

“The Wave” Do not climb.. haha. Everyone does. Halifax Waterfront. We had people complaining between this and the poster boards about how sexual our landmarks were once..

The Pirate play ship by the Maritime Museum, once used to stage a wicked pirate battle.. The museum is pretty great too- and free Tuesday nights 🙂 The play-boat used to be more interactive, with tire swings and fake cannons, more doors and “cup phones” etc etc and more educational stuff in there but year by year they’ve stripped it away..

I always preferred to play on the anchors though, but the last 2 times I went they were fenced off for construction 😦

Ship cat. We have lots of wharf cats too, there used to be a lot ..and I mean a LOT of kittens and cats closer to the port that people would go leave food for, but one year there was something about it in the news and I think they were all captured and sent away 😦

The ferry between Dartmouth and Halifax coming in to dock..

My favorite flower outside my childhood home.. or rather.. summer isn’t summer without that smell…

Later that summer I went to White Point Beach Resort in Nova Scotia, near Liverpool. Didn’t stay there but ate there and went to their beach..


It’s a pretty great little beach especially for families since there aren’t too many places near the water where they can run off and you can’t see them.. I had great company and great chowder…

Saw an enormous Whipper-Snipper thing ripping down bushes on the side of the road as we drove to an old school turned perma yard and craft sale.. anyway I thought it was pretty hardcore..

The old school..

I bought a French textbook from 1930, and a set of postcards with covers of the old Goosebumps book series on them. It had some great crafts, and some boring touristy ones. some amazing prints, great book selection (put your money in the tin) and so many records I wish I could have taken back with me..

Check out this dated map of Canada hehe:

I took a few videos at White Point, the place I stayed, and one of the old school, look for those in the future,.. wooooo! I loved this arrow, this way for jams and pickles!

Oh yeah and I fed some bunnies 🙂

More soon, I have about 5 or so accompanying videos from the second of the two trips that these photos were taken during..

More soon!


{August 16, 2010}   Going to Fly this time…

Videos from my last trip from Central Canada to the East Coast, sleep deprived, full of garbage food, 2 days in cars and busses…
…. I get a little crazy and excited hehe.

{July 13, 2010}   Snacking…

When I’m on the road I find it extremely hard to find food that its healthy and that will give me the boost that I need. Rather, I did find it hard. Ha, I just wrote food, I guess it’s lunchtime? I eat something like 6 times a day though because I am fairly active..

I tried an Heirloom Tomato on my last trip, because it looked neat. It was not tasty.

Looked neat though…

With Mini Mini Bocconcini

Goes better with Grape or Cherry tomatoes, or Hothouse.. and a Fozzie Fork doesn’t hurt…

Or if I feel fancy I try a bit of a soft cheese with honeycomb and toast.. haha

Or dumplings or a small noodles out on the town..

On road trips- when I have no utensils I hit up the cheese curds, little tomatos and raisins… I was feeling nostalgic so I wanted the cardboard box raisins to remind me of recesses at school or, the last of the Halloween candy haha

To try to stop myself from eating something like…

..because really, I shouldn’t be eating anything that comes in nugget form and I usually don’t… but being violently ill on the road did at least allow me to stay awake until 5…

The teeny predator attacks it’s prey from the inside out….

My foodloves as of late have been honey toast and tomatoes and cheese, spicy soups- homemade tom yum goong or hot and sour out on the town..

Even though it’s hot out, I really miss East-Coast HOMEMADE fish chowder. HOLY CRAP.

Comes with that white dinner roll and too-firm butter packet.. I don’t usually eat white bread unless I have company so it’s so delicious when I do…though I prefer baguette action..

See there they gave me crackers as well since they know how it’s done. You can’t really get good fish chowder in places where fish isn’t number one on the menu. Even then the chef is usually picky or tries to get creative with it which you just can’t do. It’s comfort food and tradition- get yer sage out of my showdair.

I had that in Mahone Bay, NS..Here:

SO GOOD. There’s a giant Yellow lawn chair out front that I wish I took pics in but I was way too hungry after having only had that heirloom tomato that morning…

I took a picture of their desert menu to give you an idea of what an east coast dessert is like. Generally someone’s grandmother or aunt baked it that day or the day before.. it’s a pie or a crumble.. Might have apples or sour berries in it and a TON of sugar..

Let’s see if I can read this blur :

Mincemeat Pie * Apple Crumble *Apple Pie *Strawberry Rhubarb Pie * Rice and something Pudding * Bread Pudding * Ice Cream- Strawberry – Chocolate- Vanilla * Coconut Cake * Coconut Cream Pie * Date Square * Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie * Mincemeat pie with something ..

At home dessert growing up was ice cream, maybe a popsicle.. but I was never a dessert fan. Even ice cream, not a fan. When family was around, more than the home folks, we had pie,  Partridgeberry, Apple, Date and Lemon Squares (I loved those) and a variety of cookies, or Partidgeberry or lemon tarts. If it was a tea party we were having then we had little sandwiches and cookies, I’ve always preferred the second round of sandwiches to the cookies though.. even though I can bake like nobody’s business.  One side of my family was very much about the afternoon tea though which is why we often had more than one type of cookie or square around…ooh Lunchtime!


Revisiting the city and museum after getting a bit taller and moving beyond allowance days where I can buy all the crap that I want and therefore don’t…I may sound negative but it’s only because it doesn’t feel the same and I had spent 3 days in a car, so another drive to get here had me exhausted ..

But seriously, it’s a great place to take a family, bring a picnic, check out the museums and be bad and get fish and chips and ice cream and eat it on the docks.. 🙂

A better tour through the streets:

Another one:

Go there yourselves- a nice, relaxing road trip!!



{June 11, 2010}   Road Trip East… Part Une

A collection of vloggitys from my recent trip to the East Coast!!

Here’s a vid I missed posting on my approach to Monster Truck Castle:

It’s a long long road across Quebec, for someone craving to see something more familiar… and there aren’t many trees..

Got caught behind a paint truck:

Reminds me of a Family Guy clip, where Peter and Quagmire are on the phone with each other, driving behind each other talking about bad drivers who they need to get in a fight with- and of course they wish each other good luck in their fights and fight each other haha. I couldn’t find the clip..

Pics from the road:

Yes it’s a real place:

Amazing Sky…

Racing the sun home..

Once I got there, I took the ferry from Dartmouth to Halifax:

As I mentioned in the video, we went shopping at Morrigan LeFay’s Mystical Gifts in Dartmouth, NS- I always find something amazing there… and this time even more so, aside from the goodies- there were baby animals coming in to warm up before the long road to their new temporary home!


Choppy waters on the harbour that day:

And some more photos..

Dartmouth waterfront..

The Macdonald Bridge..

Halifax Waterfront approach..


A little tower on the Halifax side built in the last ten years- I don’t remember the significance…

It was really nice out, a little chilly during most of the trip… I have a lot more photos and more memorable things to post- but I had GREAT company – of those PHENOMENAL people I was discussing who are so rare in my Love post a few entries back… I just don’t have time to get into our shenanigans just now.. 🙂


et cetera