…At The Grindstones

{October 21, 2010}   Nuit Blanch 2010 Summary


I walked much of Queen street west of Younge into parkdale, checked out Union Station, and OCAD… pretty great night!! 🙂 I didn’t get nearly as much footage as I could have since I was too busy participating! hehe.




{October 15, 2010}   San Fran Fog

{October 10, 2010}   Fall Vloggity- Groupthink and ..

{October 9, 2010}   Roots Society Club Burning Man

The screens were out of control, the music was amazing everytime I showed up, these are clips of the screen show before Bassnectar was scheduled.. They even had clips playing from Swing Time with Ginger Rogers!! Last year it was just a dome, but still amazing, this year I camped closer to it AND they had a huuuuge set up. I even saw Crystal Method there!! Still trying to find that video 😛

{October 8, 2010}   Windy Vlog- White Point Fog

{October 7, 2010}   I Brake For Tetris

{October 5, 2010}   Jay Kay on the Playa

{October 4, 2010}   Seattle Snippets

{October 3, 2010}   Union Station Last Night..

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